WELCH Signs partnership and distribution deals w/ Mind & Soul Music and Triple Shift Management

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

After years of working under the radar with both Mind & Soul Music and Triple Shift management, Don Welch takes leap of faith and commits to two parties in attempt to take his career to the highest level of independent music.

Don Welch, now based out of San Antonio, Texas signs a partnership deal local home town music label Mind & Soul Music. In the same manner, they then turn to sign Welch to a promising third party distribution deal with Triple Shift Management based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

What's next?

The colloboration is set to release their first single under this agreement June 19th with "FORCED HANDS" featuring Shayne Marie. The video is out now on YouTube which has hit 52,000 views in the first three weeks of being published.

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